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Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications

The Faculty of Philology Publishing Centre
The Faculty of Philology pursues a consistent active publication policy. Several scholarly periodicals are regularly published.


“The Philologist” Paper:

The paper has its own website which enjoys wide popularity. The site hosts the complete archive of all the issues.
“The Philologist” is a quarterly and publicises news about the academic initiatives, activities and events at the Faculty. The paper     also announces news about the latest publications by members of the Faculty academic staff as well as texts authored by students at the Faculty.

You can visit us HERE!








“Orbis Linguarum”:


The academic journal “Orbis Linguarum” has been published since 2000 and comes out twice a year.
It is a periodical of the Faculty of Philology at the Southwest University ‘Neofit Rilski”. With time it has been gradually expanding its audience.
“Orbis Linguarum” publishes texts in the fields of linguistics, teaching methodology, comparative studies, cultural studies, literary criticism etc.
Its regular publication and the wide range of philological research have attracted many scholars and readers.  Its editorial board includes prominent scholars from Germany, the USA, China, Serbia, Russia, Bulgaria and Albania.
Researchers both from the Southwest University and other Bulgarian universities have submitted their contributions to the journal. “Orbis Linguarum” also provides young scholar with a forum for the exchange of views and ideas. It publishes regularly the research of internationally recognized scholars and the best presentations from the National Student Conference, traditionally held on May 11th - the St. St. Cyril and Methodius Day.
The editorial board considers proposals for the reviewing of academic books.

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The Faculty of Philology Yearbook:


The Yearbook comes out every year and publishes texts by both members of the Faculty academic staff and many eminent philology academics from all universities and scholarly centres in the country.

The bookstore price of the Yearbook is 6.90 BGN. It can also be purchased from the Faculty Publishing Centre (Room 439) at the cost of 5.00 BGN.

All issuies of the Yearbook can be purchased online from our eBook Store - HERE!


+359 73 588 523
+359 73 588 523


Faculty of Philology
66, “Ivan Mikhailov” St.
2700 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

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