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“Where Does the Fourth Estate Begin?” Project

On the 23-24 May, 2014 a workshop was held as part of the “Where Does the Fourth Estate Begin?” project at the Murite Hotel in Bansko. Participants in the event were members of the academic staff of the Faculty of Philology at the Southwest University in Blagoevgrad, students and doctoral candidates.

On the first day of the workshop the young scholars met the director of the Southwest University Press, Assoc. Prof., d-r Kostadin Samardzhiev. He was the first speaker at the workshop and in his talk he introduced the participants to the history of printing and outlined the phases through which a book goes before it is published. In the follow-up discussion Assoc. Prof. Samardzhiev went on to further detail the particularities of the book production process.

The second speaker on the workshop programme was Prof. Magdalena Panayotova. The lecture she gave, titled Media Nostalgias, focused on the complexities accompanying the process of writing the texts for a newspaper in Bulgaria and then publishing the same newspaper in the USA. The talk was attended to with genuine interest on the part of the workshop participants. In her talk Prof. Panaytova placed strong emphasis on the fact that the smooth functioning of this newspaper production mechanism was guaranteed by the high level of expertise and coordination among the team members involved in the process. These two talks comprised the lecture part of the workshop programme for the first day.  On Sunday the participants attended the talk given by Assoc. Prof. Antony Stoilov, titled “The Media Presence of the Journalist”.  He introduced the participants to a range of journalistic approaches dependent on the specifics of broadcasting as well as the nature of the media – print or electronic.  In his talk he also revealed a number of interesting off air details regarding several radio and TV programmes and talked about the different was of editing written texts. The talk was followed up by a lengthy discussion in which the participants went on to expand the scope of the media formats talked about.

The three lectures and the other activities on the programme made up the content of the first workshop within the “Where Does the Fourth Estate Begin?” project. More meetings are scheduled for the autumn of 2014 which are to be followed by the publication of collected papers by the project participants.


+359 73 588 523
+359 73 588 523


Faculty of Philology
66, “Ivan Mikhailov” St.
2700 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

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