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Objectives and Priorities

Objectives and Priorities


The upholding of the Bulgarian national spirit both within the geographical borders of Bulgaria and beyond, in the west, southwest, south, southeast of the Bulgarian language and ethnicity area.
The development of philological knowledge and education open towards the richly varied cultural heritage and awareness as well as to the aspirations of the people from the Balkans, Europe and the whole world for the future.

Main Strategic Objectives

            The recognition of the Faculty as a repository of valuable national and regional cultural traditions and awareness, as an open Balkan philological center and a site for intercultural dialogue aimed at overcoming the negative stereotypes of the Other on the Balkans.
The recognition of the Faculty as a center for modern foreign language learning and European integration through the development and implementation of pragmatic and applied philological education.


           A. Changing the strategy when establishing new specialities and changing the current curricula with the aim of intensifying the acquisition of practical skills for the optimal placement of graduates on the labour market.
Offering a wider range of foreign languages in the curricula.
Expanding the Faculty IT equipment as well as providing a reliable Internet connection in order to facilitate the access to teaching materials, academic research, project documents, archives and library resources to satisfy the needs of undergraduates in their class and extracurricular preparation.
Establishing a Faculty Language Centre which will offer, as paid service, the opportunity for additional first and foreign language learning to faculty undergraduates, those studying in other faculties at the university as well as citizens wishing to improve their language and literature competence.
Establishing a center for professional training where undergraduates will simulate professional activities in the field of their future realization: specialized translation, development of journalistic materials, radio and TV presenting, assignment and control of field research.

B. Changing the policy with regard to research priorities: accreditation of PhD programmes, giving undergraduates and PhD students the opportunity for competitive scientific performance as well as academic growth by means of holding annual undergraduate and PhD student readings in which the latter can participate together with colleagues from other philological centers in Bulgaria and abroad.
Establishing a refereed philological journal.
Developing applied and comparative linguistic research related to the problems of interlanguage interactions, foreign language learning and cultural interactions in Balkan and Slavic contexts; sociolinguistic, ethnolinguistic, and purely ethnological research; linguistic anthropology and mass communication studies.
Conducting interdisciplinary literary research into mass culture phenomena, national literary standards, non-canonical literature and memoir literature; sociology of the Bulgarian Revival and contemporary literature; phenomenology of the novel.

C. Redirecting the policy towards internal and international collaboration with similar faculties in the country, in Southwest, Central and Western Europe aimed at encouraging academic exchange of lecturers, researchers and undergraduates both in accordance with contracts and within the mobility programmes; studying the positive and negative experiences and implementing their achievements in the curricula and the teaching methods.


+359 73 588 523
+359 73 588 523


Faculty of Philology
66, “Ivan Mikhailov” St.
2700 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

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