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Foreign students

Foreign students

Persons responsible for majors in Faculty of Philology in which foreign students are trained, for the operational management and control of administrative and educational services:

I course– assist. prof. Zarina Markova, PhD, e-mail: zarinamarkova@swu.bg

II course– assist. prof. Yana Manova, e-mail: yana_georgieva@swu.bg

III course– assist. prof. Verginia Danailova, e-mail: verginia_danailova@swu.bg 

IV course– assist. prof. Svetla Svetoslavova, e-mail: svetlakyurova@swu.bg

Списание за социокултурна антропология



+359 73 588 523
+359 73 588 523


Faculty of Philology
66, “Ivan Mikhailov” St.
2700 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

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